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Rector's Office - Department of Secretariat


Department of Secretariat


Address: Bldg "K" 1st floor room nr 14.

Telephone:   -(36-1) 463-2221
Telefax: -(36-1) 463-2220


Head of the Department:
Dr. László Kardoss


The Department of Secretariat supports the work of the Rector and the Secretary General by performing administrative, oragnizational and management tasks and functions.
It is involved in the preparation, execution and supervision of the agenda of the University's Council.

Areas of activity:

  • preparing and organizing the sessions of the Rector's Council and the University's Council, conducting the ceremonial session of the University's Council held in summer and contributing to its transaction
  • taking care of the regulations belonging to the competence of the Department of Secretariat
  • displaying the councils' documents on its website as well as the directives and encyclic letters issued by the Rector
  • preparing, executing and fulfilling the personal decisions made by the Rector and the Head of the Department deriving from their employer's authority
  • coordinating the tasks of awarding, grant of titles and rewarding related to university level
  • handling the Reserve Fund and the financial affairs of the Department
  • coordinating the secretarial tasks of the Social Senate, the Committee of Controlling and the Committee of Ethics
  • maintaining relations with the managing units of the university, the Ministry of Education, as well as with the background institutions of higher education and other institutions of higher education.